Common First Year


All undergraduate students entering the College of Architecture spend the first year together in the Common First Year, learning shared skills and approaches to the problems and challenges of the designed, built, and lived environment. This year provides students with the time to get to know each other and the faculty. Common First Year courses also help students familiarize themselves with the different disciplines and professions within the College, before they choose their specific COA undergraduate degree program. With this knowledge in hand, our graduates are better prepared to work collaboratively and productively with students and professionals from other disciplines.

The Common First Year is comprised of three courses:

Fall Semester

  • COA 1060 - Introduction to Design and the Built Environment
  • COA 1011 - Fundamentals of Design and the Built Environment I

Spring Semester

  • COA 1012 - Fundamentals of Design and the Built Environment II  (Prerequisite: COA1011)

Have questions? Email us at cfyprogram [at] coa [dot] gatech [dot] edu and we'll be happy to help!