Recent Research Contracts


Principal Investigator Funding Organization Description From To
Zimring, Craig Emory University Atlantic Station Employee Health Study - Project explored the walking behavior of workers who take jobs in Atlantic Station, an intown community justified in part by its support of active living. 2007 2008
Zimring, Craig Medical Center of Louisiana Evidence-Based Hospital 2008 2009
Zimring, Craig Military Health System/Noblis Creating Effective Hospitals for America's Military - This project creates a post-occupancy evaluation system, innovation center, design checklist, community portal and refereed publications to support the Military Health System’s $11 Billion hospital modernization program. It will create policy and practices that will impact the system’s 59 hospitals, 800 medical and dental clinics and 10.4 million people served. (with Godfried Augenbroe, Sonit Bafna, Jennifer DuBose, Ruchi Chaudhury) 2009 2009
Zimring, Craig Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Fund for Public Health in New York Support and evaluation of the New York City Active Design Guidelines -  Created the first-ever evidence-based guidelines for using building and urban design to increase everyday physical activity. The guidelines will be used by 11 New York City agencies for all new public projects in NY. 2009 2010
Zimring, Craig Boston Society of Architects Developing Evidence Based Design Strategies - This project measures the sound environment in intensive care units and links innovative measures to self-reported well-being by nurses. 2010 2010
Yang, Jiawen Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Spatial Structure & Transportation in China's Megacities 2008 2009
Yang, Jiawen Peking University Beijing Neighborhood Indicators 2010 2010
Yang, Jiawen City of Atlanta Collaborative Data Development - The research measures the regional scale built environment for U.S. metropolitan areas, analyzes its change from 1970 to 2000, and relates it to individual time allocation for various daily activities such as travel, exercise, eating, entertainment and sleeping, and eventually aims to establish a connection between regional built-environment and obesity. 2010 2011
Weinberg, Gil National Science Foundation  HRI: The Robotic Musician 2007 2011
Todd, Robert US Dept. of Education  National Public Internet Site on Assistive Technology 2005 2010
Todd, Robert US Dept. of Education Scitrain University 2008 2011
Todd, Robert University of Georgia Assistive Technology and Environmental Accommodation Training 2008 2009
Todd, Robert Academy for Educational Development Family Center on Technology and Disability 2007 2008
Todd, Robert National Science Foundation Scitrain: Science, Math and Technology for All 2006 2010
Todd, Robert Syracuse University Southeast Region Disability Business Technical Assistance Center 2006 2010
Todd, Robert Governor's Council on Dev. Disabilities Scitrain Innovation for Georgia Teachers 2010 2011
Thomas Mobley, Linda U.S. General Services Administration Public Building Services 2008 2009
Swarts, Matthew Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) Riverwalk Development - The IMAGINE Lab worked with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) on the Fort Benning Regional Growth Management Plan (RGMP) to generate a computer simulation along the Chattahoochee River. The animated simulation was superimposed onto high definition aerial footage of the Chattahoochee River to illustrate how the removal of several bridges would aid in both ecological and economic development. 2008 2008
Stone, Brian Georgia Cancer Coalition Atlantic Station Employee Health Study: Measures of the Built Environment - To assess the influence of built environment attributes on employee travel behavior prior to and following a move to a mixed use setting for the employment location. National significance as the first study to use a pre and post-test research design in measuring employee travel behavior, physical activity, and dietary measures 2008 2009
Stone, Brian National Institutes of Health Impact of Climate-Responsive Design on Heat-Related Morbidity and Mortality in Large U.S. Cities: 2010 – 2050 - To measure the influence of heat island mitigation strategies on air pollution and heat related health effects. The first study nationally and internationally to associate specific heat island mitigation strategies with heat and air quality related health effects. 2009 2012
Stone, Brian U.S. Centers for Disease Control Measuring the Role of the Built Environment as an Effect Modifier of Climate Change and Mortality - To measure the influence of urban form on extreme heat events, air quality, and excess mortality in large U.S. cities. Significance: The first study nationally and internationally to associate urban form with heat and air quality related health effects.  2009 2010
Stone, Brian U.S. Centers for Disease Control Urban Sprawl and Excessive Heat Events in Large U.S. Cities: 1956-2005 - To quantify the average annual number of excessive heat events attributable to the urban heat island effect in large urbanized regions and to associate with alternative land development patterns. The first study nationally and internationally to associate excessive heat events with urban form. 2008 2009
Sprigle, Stephen U.S. Department of Education Wheeled Mobility in Everyday Life 2003 2008
Sprigle, Stephen Southwest Educational Dev. Rush2-Web-Based wheelchair educa. 2007 2008
Sprigle, Stephen Cushions By Design Foam Wheelchair Cushions 2007 2008
Sprigle, Stephen IP2BIZ Wound measurement Device 2008 2008
Sprigle, Stephen U.S. Department of Education Rehabilitation Engineering on Wheeled Mobility  2008 2013
Sprigle, Stephen IP2BIZ Wound Measurement Device  2008  2009
Sprigle, Stephen Shepherd Spinal Center Bench Testing of Interface Pressure Mats  2009 2010
Sprigle, Stephen State University of New York  Time-Activity Study of Wheelchair Suppliers 2009 2010
Sprigle, Stephen Nextek Mobility  SBIR: Evaluation of a Low Force Wheelchair Handrim  2010  2010 
SivaKumar, Ramachandra Location Georgia, a service of MEAG Power  GIS Database Development - Location Georgia, a service of ECG, provides businesses with the state and local information to assist in important location decisions. The Center for GIS helped Location Georgia develop a GIS based site inventory database to assist in Georgia's economic development and site selection; and to assist companies interested in opening, relocating, or expanding within the state.  2008 2008
Sivakumar, Ramachandra Annie E. Casey Foundation, Atlanta Civic Site  Developing a GIS Framework - Project to design and develop a GIS database for the City of Atlanta's Pittsburgh neighborhood. The database is intended to capture, analyze, and visualize real estate availability and foreclosure data.   2009  2009
Shi, Xuan Dataforensics Customized GIS Application Development - GIS application that automates the transformation of field collected borehole data stored in a SQL server database into an ArcSDE database, complete with user authentication and database validation; project also included customized ArcGIS tools for spatial query, analysis, and report generation. 2008 2008
Shankwiler, Kevin Aeroquest 747 Console Phase I (Advanced Wood Products Laboratory) 2008 2008 
Sawicki, David  American Planning Association  To edit the Journal of American Planning  2005 2010
Sanford, Jon  Syracuse University  Southeast Disability Business Technical Assistance Center 2006 2009
Sanford, Jon  Syracuse University  Disability Case Study  2007 2008
Sanford, Jon  Safeslideboard, Inc.  Wheelchair with Dropdown Armrest for Sliding Transfer  2008 2008
Sanford, Jon  Georgia For A Lifetime Identification of Unmet Needs for Environmental Supports   2009 2010
Sanford, Jon Veterans Administration  Patient Transfer System Design  2009 2010
Ross, Catherine U.S. Department of Transportation  Megaregions and Transportation Planning  2007 2009
Ross, Catherine Earth Tech Consulting  Atlanta-Chattanooga HSGT Study  2008 2008
Ross, Catherine Atlanta Beltline (TADAC)  Facilitation of Strategic Planning of Atlanta Beltline  2008 2008
Ross, Catherine Georgia Department of Transportation  Estimating Safety Benefits of Context-Sensitive Design  2010 2011
Ross, Catherine Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts


Health Impact Assessment (HIA) - to investigate the health impact of the planned Aerotropolis Atlanta in Hapeville. Read more in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.
2010 2011
Roper, Kathy International Facility Management Association, Atlanta Chapter  Building a Career Framework for Facility Management Professionals, from Technicians to Executives - To aid the relatively young facility management profession in formatting and formalizing career development needs.    2007 2010
Peponis, John Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin Beltline Subarea 7 - A GIS-based spatial analysis to estimate the potential for new streets in Beltline TAD subarea 7, to facility smoother traffic as well as to encourage better pedestrian connectivity.   2007 2008
Mullick, Abir ASC Transportation Solutions  Parking Meter Technology  2008 2008
Mullick, Abir U.S. Department of Education  Inclusive Indoor Playground  2005 2009
Milchus, Karen U.S. Department of Education  Workplace Accommodations Wizard; Rehabilitation Engineering on Workplace Accommodations 2007 2012
Kangari, Roozbeh U.S. General Services Administration  Public Building Services  2008 2009
Irizarry, Javier  Oklahoma Transportation Center/University Transportation Centers Program of the Federal  Highway Administration Evaluation of Construction Strategies for PCC Pavements - Developing innovative construction planning and staging methods that can be implemented in future DOT Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavement rehabilitation projects. This collaborative work between Oklahoma State University and Georgia Institute of Technology will focus on investigating the applicability of the Construction Analysis for Pavement Rehabilitation Strategies (CA4PRS) computer model for reconstruction projects in order to develop an innovative approach for the planning of PCC pavement rehabilitation projects considering constructability issues and planning and staging practices. 2008 2009
Immergluck, Dan  Annie E. Casey Foundation  An Analysis of Property Flipping  2008 2008
Immergluck, Dan University of California-Berkeley; John D. and Catherin T. MacArthur Foundation  Regional Resilience to Foreclosures - Researchers examined response to foreclosures in six metropolitan areas: St. Louis; Cleveland; East Bay (CA); Riverside; Chicago; and Atlanta. The first two are classic weak market metro areas, the second two are traditionally strong market metros, and the last two might be called “mixed-market” metros.   One of the basic lessons of the research was that the differences between traditionally strong and weak market metropolitan areas must be taken into account when designing policy responses at the local, state, and federal level.  2008 2008
Immgergluck, Dan The Annie E. Casey Foundation  Identifying Promising Policies and Programs to Reduce Foreclosures - This project is aimed at identifying promising approaches to reduce foreclosures in nonjudicial (or statutory or power of sale) foreclosure states. While many local and state efforts have been implemented toward this end, many of the measures receiving the most attention have occurred in the context of states with judicial foreclosure regimes. Given that approximately 30 states are primarily nonjudicial foreclosure states (i.e., where most residential foreclosures do not go through the courts), it is important to understand the opportunities for foreclosure reduction in such states.  2010 2010 
Haynes, Scott  University of Georgia; Georgia Department of Human Resources  Assistive Technology & Environmental Accommodation Training - CATEA was funded to produce and present a training course relating to assistive technology (AT) and environmental accommodation strategies.  The primary audience was Planning List Administrators and Support Service Coordinators serving people with developmental disabilities in Georgia.  The course consisted of four separate, day-long training sessions that were delivered at 24 different venues across Georgia.   2008 2009 
Haynes, Scott University of Georgia/Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Online course on Assistive Technology Accommodations - CATEA was funded to use the materials presented in the previous Assistive Technology & Environmental Accommodation training course to develop an asynchronous online course.  The course is intended to serve as a training tool for people who were not able to take the previous course, and as a resource for service providers helping people with developmental disabilities in Georgia.    2009 2010 
Green Leigh, Nancey National Science Foundation  Designing E-Waste Material Flow Systems 2010  2010 
Giarrusso, Anthony The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation; The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation  Falcons Fitness Zones - Launched in 2005, The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation (AFYF) Falcons Fitness Zones help kids become more physically active and make healthier eating choices. Mr. Giarrusso provided mapping services and technical assistance to AFYF to increase the impact of their investments and to help grant partners sharpen the focus of their work, regarding target populations.  2008 2009 
Giarrusso, Anthony Morehouse College Integrating Medical & Lab. Information Systems - This project was part of a larger, collaborative study between Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Morehouse School of Medicine, Emory University and Georgia Tech to address the high rates of infection by specific resistant staphylococcal bacterium in children who live in metro Atlanta. Mr. Giarrusso geo-coded patient data and conducted detailed spatial analysis on the results. Mr. Giarrusso identified areas with a high incidence of disease clustering as well as areas showing strong correlation between socio-economic and demographic variables and disease incidence.  2008 2009 
Giarrusso, Anthony Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation  Resource Assessment in Metro Atlanta - To help the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation achieve their mission to promote positive change in people’s lives and to build and enhance the communities in which they live, Mr. Giarrusso created a detailed spatial database of parks, recreation centers, child care centers, after school programs and other community related data for Metro Atlanta. The resultant database is used by The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation to help make informed decisions on where to focus their related philanthropic efforts.  2008 2009 
Gentry, Russell Fry-Reglet Corporation  Warping MDF Panels in Fry-Reglet graph system  2009 2009 
Gentry, Russell Italian Trade Commission  Impact of Automation and Robotics on the U.S. Woodworking Industry  2008  2009 
Gentry, Russell American Institute of Architecture  Future of Life Cycle Assessment in Architectural Practice 2009  2009 
French, Steven Cable News Network  2008 Election Mapping  2007  2009 
French, Steven  Consortium Univ. of Res  NEESR-Grand Challenge - Simulation of Seismic Performance 2007  2010 
Etienne, Harley Enterprise Innovation Institute English Avenue Neighborhood Housing Survey 2008 2008
Etienne, Harley Atlanta Renewal Community Response  Housing Assessments for the Chosewood Park neighborhood  2009  2009 
Economou, Athanassios U.S. General Services Administration  Courtsweb Development and Support - An online information database designed to document new courthouses and to serve as a significant resource for new courthouse design. The web-based application supports multiple ways of retrieving, comparing, and ranking diverse types of media including 360o panoramic images, photos, drawings, diagrams, numbers and text, and provides an information-rich resource for GSA, the Judiciary, and the contracted architects and engineers, who design the new courthouses. Currently there are forty-nine case studies in the system. 2007  2010 
Eastman, Chuck  U.S. General Services Administration  U.S. Courts Design Guide Automation 2007 2010
Eastman, Chuck American Institute of Steel Electronic Interchange Project 2007 2008
Eastman, Chuck Charles Pankow Foundation Precast Concrete National BIM Standard 2008 2010
Eastman, Chuck Precast Concrete Institute Communication Support for teh PCE BIM Standard 2008 2009
Eastman, Chuck U.S. Department of Commerce Formal Methods for Specifying Product Model Views 2009 2010
Dubose, Jennifer Health Care Without Harm Research Collaborative Green Building Materials in Health Care - Study aims to understand the experience that architects, installers, and users have had with alternative green resilient flooring materials in hospital settings. The positive and negative experiences of these key stakeholders will be captured through a series of surveys and case studies that will be summarized and shared broadly with the field. 2010 2010
Choudhary, Ruchi Ascension Health Systems Physical Environment of Efficiency of Nursing 2001 2008
Chordia, Parag National Science Foundation ARRA: Modeling Music Improvisation 2009 2012
Castro, Daniel Southern Polytechnic State University Constructability of PCC Pavements 2007 2008
Castro, Daniel Construction Sciences BIM-Enabled Approach to Scheduling Automation 2008 2011
Bryant, Elizabeth U.S. Department of Education National Public Internet Site on Assistive Technology 2005 2010
Brilakis, Ioannis National Science Foundation Automated Vision Tracking of Project Related Entitles - The proposed research aims to investigate the feasibility of a novel automated vision tracking methodology that reports the 4D location (spatial coordinates and time) of distinctly shaped, project related entities, such as construction equipment, personnel, and materials of standard sizes and shapes. 2008 2011
Brilakis, Ioannis National Science Foundation Progressive Site Modeling with Videogrammetry - The proposed research plans to evaluate the capability of a novel remote sensing method in acquiring time-dependent spatial data (4D surface) of construction sites for “as-built” modeling. 2008 2011
Ayan, Danielle U.S. Department of Interior/U.S. Geological Survey Strategic & Business Planning - This project is in support of the National Spatial Infrastructure (NSDI) Program. The purpose of this Cooperative Agreement was to bring Georgia into full compliance with the Fifty States Initiative by addressing the following: Establishing a clearly defined authority and responsibility for coordination; Tying the state into national programs; Creating a neutral, inter-governmental working environment; Identifying sustainable funding mechanisms; Developing contracting authority and cost sharing mechanisms; and enable statewide coordination efforts as conduits for federal initiatives. 2008 2009
Augenbroe, Godfried T.C. Chan Center, University of Pennsylvania Prototype Development of T.C. Chan Center Community Portal 2008 2009
Augenbroe, Godfried American Council of Engineers Design and Construction Industry Trends Survey 2008 2009
Augenbroe, Godfried Penn Praxis, Inc. Development of a Building Energy Performance Standard for Qatar - an integral sustainability assessment system for the middle-eastern country of Qatar. 2008 2010
Augenbroe, Godfried Kawneer Company Incorporated Creating a Web-based Shading Configuration Design Tool 2009 2010
Ashuri, Baabak Rics Education Trust Time Series Model for Forecasting Construction Cost Index: Every month, Engineering News-Record (ENR) publishes the Construction Cost Index (CCI), which is a weighted aggregate index of the 20-city average prices of construction activities. Read the final report: Is it possible to forecast the Construction Cost Index in the USA? 2009


Ashuri, Baabak Georgia Department of Transportation Recommended Guide for Next Transportation Design Build Procurement and Contracting in the State of Georgia-The overall objective of the project is to develop a Transportation Design Build Guidebook for use by the GDOT to better implement and expand Design Build contracting in highway construction programs.  2010 2012
Ashuri, Baabak American Utility Management Inc. Multifamily Property Utility Benchmarking Program- Analyzing energy performance in multifamily properties and creating an energy benchmarking program using data envelopment analysis methodology.  2010 2011
Roper, Kathy International Facility Management ASSN ATL Chapter Professional and Curriculum Development 2010 2011
Irizarry, Javier Georgia Department of Transportation Evaluation of Data Requirements for Computerized Constructability Analysis at the Georgia Department of Transportation: With the impending end of the serviceable life of the National Highway System, many transportation agencies have increased their focus on preservation, rehabilitation, and maintenance projects. This project will evaluate data needed for computerized constructability analysis of such projects. Results of the research will serve as a model for sustainable planning and execution of highway infrastructure renewal nationally and internationally. 2011 2013
Ashuri, Baabak RICS Education Trust

Timing of Investments in Building Solar Energy Intervention: A Real Options Framework to Evaluate Investments in Solar Energy for Buildings - Investments in solar energy for buildings are being made based on conventional valuation methods like Net Present Value (NPV). The key element missing from existing valuation methods is Optimal Investment Timing. Our research objective is to apply Real Options Theory from finance/decision science to create an Investment Valuation Framework for finding the optimal time for adopting solar energy intervention, as well as the Financial Value (if any) of delaying the intervention.

2011 2012
Sanford, Jon Atlanta Regional Commission Lifelong Mableton: Using remote assessment for effective medication management: The overall goal this Atlanta Regional Commission project being is to build a community program that promotes housing and transportation options, encourages healthy lifestyles and increases access to services and resources in Mableton, GA.  As part of the larger project, GA Tech is developing and testing an interactive video system to assist older adults manage their medications more effectively at home.    2010 2010
Todd, Robert US Department of Education Scritrain University 2008 2011
Sprigle, Stephen State University of New York Time-Activity Study of Wheelchair Suppliers 2009 2010
Mlichus, Karen US Department of Education Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Work Place Accommodations: The Work RERC is a national center that identifies, develops and promotes new assistive and universally designed technologies that maximize independence and participation of people with disabilities in the workplace.  Visit 2007 2012
Sprigle, Stephen US Department of Education Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Wheeled Mobility 2008 2013
Milchus, Karen US Department of Education Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Workplace Accommodations 2007 2012
Sanford, Jon Veterans Administration Interventions to Improve Family Caregiving 2010 2011
Todd, Robert National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Georgia Stem Accessibility Alliance (GSAA)-This project works with Georgia high schools and universities to improve science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) educations for students with disabilities. BreakThru uses a virtual world and new media tools to connect students with mentors, provide training and education to alleviate barriers, and assist students in choosing advanced STEM education and careers. Funded by the NSF and led by the Georgia STEM Accessibility Alliance (GSAA), BreakThru provides evidence-based practices and research on effectiveness and outcomes for students with disabilities and other underrepresented students. 2010 2015
Todd, Robert Syracuse University Southeast Region Tace Center 2008 2011
Sanford, Jon Atlanta Regional Commission Mableton Lifelong Community 2010 2011
Sanford, Jon Veterans Administration Design of Effective Low Vision Magnifiers for Visually-Impaired Veterans- The purpose of this VA project is to evaluate the usability of gesture-type controls for magnification adjustments in low vision magnifiers. Findings will be used to develop and test a new low-vision magnifier with gesture control to improve reading by veterans with low vision. 2011 2012
Sanford, Jon Hulda B & Maurice L Rothschild Foundation Bathroom Design to Reduce Injuries and Facilitate Caregiving in Long Term Care- Although the ADA Accessibility Guidelines for bathroom design is required in long term care facilities, it restricts caregivers who need to provide assistance and puts them at risk of injury. The purpose of this study is to determine optimal dimensions for toilet room design to better support safe and effective assisted toileting and to provide recommendations to augment the accessibility guidelines for senior facilities. 2011 2012
Sanford, Jon Syracuse University Southeast Disability Business Technical Assistance Center 2006 2011
Stone, Brian DHHS/NIOSH Designing Climate Resilient Cities to Reduce Heat Related Mortality-This project investigates the influence of alternative urban development strategies on the incidence of extreme heat in the metropolitan regions of Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA, and Phoenix, AZ over the period of 2010 to 2050.  The study will estimate the number of heat and air pollution-related deaths that can be avoided through design-based strategies incorporating more vegetative cover and highly reflective building materials throughout each metropolitan region.  2009 2012
Yang, Perry Macau Urban Planning Institute Low Carbon Design-The research project aims for defining a policy framework of the low carbon urban design for a waterfront reclaimed district at Macau, an Asian city known for its tourism industry. Georgia Tech research team developed a performance-based urban design evaluation model and a set of low carbon urban design principles as the common ground that allows policy makers, planners and citizens of Macau to apply them to actual urban context in future.  2011 2011
Dobbins, Michael Institute of International Education Community Planning & Urban Design 2011 2011
Yang, Jiawen DHHS Large Scale Build-environment and Obesity Epidemic-The research measures the regional scale built environment for U.S. metropolitan areas, analyzes its change from 1970 to 2000, and relates it to individual time allocation for various daily activities such as travel, exercise, eating, entertainment and sleeping, and eventually aims to establish a connection between regional built-environment and obesity. 2011 2011
Leigh, Nancey City of Atlanta Brownfield Area-Wide Planning 2011 2012
Ross, Catherine Pew Charitable Trusts Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on the Atlanta Regional Plan 2040 2010 2011
Ross, Catherine Betty & Associates LLC Assessment and Community Revitalization at 10th and Monroe 2010 2011
Ross, Catherine Atlanta Beltline INC Statement of Qualifications for Development & Implementation of a 2011 2011
Ross, Catherine US Department of Transportation The Architecture of the Megaregion 2011 2013
Ross, Catherine Atlanta Beltline Partnership Health Benefits of Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail: A Pre-impact Asse... N/A N/A
Shaw, Jonathan Georgia Veterans Memorial Park Georgia Veterans Memorial Park Visualization & Simulation-A 3-D interactive visualization of the “Walk of Heroes” Veterans War Memorial in Rockdale County, Ga., was designed by Imagine Lab researchers in the Georgia Tech College of Architecture to engage community members and to encourage ongoing philanthropic support for the memorial. 2010 2010
Eastman, Chuck American Institute of Steel EDI Project for Support for AISC 2007 2010
Eastman, Chuck Precast/Prestres Concrete Inc. Communication Support for the PCI CIM Standard 2008 2011
Eastman, Chuck Auto Desk Inc Studio Use Agreement for Marcelo Bernal 2011 2011
French, Steven Consortium of Univ for Res in Earthquake Engineering NEESR-GC Stimulation of the SEISMIC Performance of Ceiling-Piping- 2007 2011
Giarrusso, Tony The Nature Conservacy Using HAZUS to Evaluate Reservoir Flood Storage Reallocation Scenarios in Savannah River Basin-In an effort to assist TNC with their mission of preserving pristine habitat, The Center for GIS has conducted several, GIS-based flooding scenarios for the Savannah river, the results of which will aid TNC in their understanding of and planning for floodplain ecosystems. 2010 2010
Shi, Xuan University of Illinois S12-SSI: Cybergis Software Integration for Sustain Geospatial Innovation-The CyberGIS project is a SI2-SSI sub-award from UIUC under NSF OCI-1047916. This project will establish CyberGIS as a fundamentally new software framework comprising a seamless integration of cyberinfrastructure, GIS, and spatial analysis/modeling capabilities. The CyberGIS software framework will shift the current paradigm of GIS and associated spatial analysis/modeling software to create scalable and sustainable software ecosystems while achieving groundbreaking scientific advances in understanding coupled human-natural systems that would be impossible otherwise. 2010 2015
Shi, Xuan National Science Foundation CIC: Eager: GIS Vector Data Overlay Processing on Azure Platform-CiC is a collaborative project under NSF CCF-1048162 focusing on GIS vector-based spatial data overlay processing through cloud computing. This exploratory research will attempt to discover distributed algorithms and test their scalable implementations for GIS overlay processing on the Azure cloud platform. 2010 2012
Wang, Zhaohua Georgia Department of Transportation Enhancement of GDOT's Pavement Rehabilitation and Design Processes- Enhancement of GDOT's Pavement Rehabilitation and Design Process -  This project develops an innovative handheld-based, GPS-enabled, and digital-camera-integrated system for field pavement data collection and a GIS-based web application for integrating data from different sources to support and enhance the Georgia Department of Transportation's 18,000-centerline-mile pavement rehabilitation and design process. 2011 2013
Weinberg, Gil National Science Foundation Multimodal Music Intelligence for Robotic Muscianship 2010 2013
Freeman, Jason United Technologies Music of Ircam-In November 2011, Sonic Generator, Georgia Tech's professional contemporary music ensemble in residence, presented a concert of music from IRCAM, the renowned computer music research center in Paris, featuring guest composer Philippe Leroux and guest singer Donatienne Michel-Dansac. The concert, supported with funding from the French-American Fund for Contemporary Music (FACE), was presented at the Woodruff Arts Center as part of the France-Atlanta festival. 2010 2011
Augenbroe, Godfried

National Science Foundation

Efri-seed: Risk Conscious Design and Retrofit of Buildings for Low Energy 2010 2014
Augenbroe, Godfried United Technologies Building Engergy Diagnostics 2010 2011
Zimring, Craig Medical Center of Louisiana Foundation Supporting LSU in Creating an Excellent Evidence-Based Hospital 2010 2011
Eastman, Chuck Independent Fed Agencies Automated Design Review at Concept Design State 2010 2011
Augenbroe, Godfried Penn Praxis Inc. Development of Building Energy Performances Standard for QATAR 2008 2011
Augenbroe, Godfried United Technologies Building Energy Diagnostics 2010 2011
Economou, Thanos Independent Fed Agencies
Towards a Generative Description of Federal Courthouse Typology: The project proposes a computational framework for the description of the federal courthouse typology and a software tool for the automated generation of courthouse schematic designs based on given geometry specifications, built volume constraints, number of courtrooms and other courthouse features (GSA, #4926605)
2010 2011
Augenbroe, Godfried American Council of Engineering Companies Design and Construction Industry Trends Survey 2008 2011
Augenbroe, Godfried Posco E&C (Engineering & Construction) System Optimization to Achieve Leed Certification for Posco High-Rise 2010 2011
Zimring, Craig Fund for Public Heath in New York Active Living Research Part 1 2010 2010
Al-Haddad, Tristain Lafarge North America Inc.
Customization of complex curtain wall components in Ultra High Performance Concrete:The research is focused on developing techniques and technologies mapping parametric representations of complex precast building components to flexible manufacturing systems, ultimately allowing for a timely, cost effective production model with minimized environmental impacts.  The research is funded by the Lafarge Corporation of France.  Tristan Al-Haddad: PI, Russell Gentry: CO-PI.
20010 2012
Zimring, Craig Noblis Creating Effective Hospitals for America's Military 2009 2011
Zimring, Craig Univeristy of Texas Active Design's Impact of Childhood Obesity in Affordable House 2010 2011
Do, Yi-Luen National Science Foundation Workshop: Graduate Student Symposium at ACM Creativity and Cognition 2011 2012
Augenbroe, Godfried Penn Praxis Inc. Performance Standard for QATAR 2008 2011
Augenbroe, Godfried Argonne National Lab/UChicago Argonne Lab Conducting Research and Development of a Building Agent-Based 2011 2011
Augenbroe, Godfried Argonne National Lab/UChicago Argonne Lab Pilot of Retrofit Decision Making for Chicago Loop Buildings 2011 2011
Chordia, Parag National Science Foundation Career Award Predictive music modeling -This project explore novel techniques for modeling musical signals computationally. Such work may lead to novel predictive technologies as well as new modes of musical interaction. 2011 2016
2011CATEA was funded to use the materials presented in the previous Assistive Technology & Environmental Accommodation training course to develop an asynchronous online course.  The course is intended to serve as a training tool for people who were not able to take the previous course, and as a resource for service providers helping people with developmental disabilities in Georgia.