Students Envision Next 100 Years

In celebration of the one-hundreth year of architectural education at Georgia Tech, design students delivered dramatic performances and wild costumes in a 48-hour charette to envision the next century of architectural design. Nearly 240 undergraduate and graduate architecture students were organized into 20 teams, each with a faculty team leader.

The inspiration was loosely FUNCTION FORMING FASHION - the theme for the Centennial Celebration on April 25 - but faculty team leaders also let their own interests guide the process.

Groups were juried by Dean Alan Balfour and Professor Libero Andreotti of Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette.

Prize winners were:

Periaktos, First Prize
Faculty Team Leader: Athanassios Economou
Student Team Members: Farzeen Tejani, Ali Lari,
Youngju Lee, Ralph Raymond, Chris Martin, Christine Ruffo, Thang Pham, Ailien Vuong, Ana Lucia Gadala-Maria, Jordan Leary, John Nuttmann, Micah Hall, Andrew Nichols, Hector Caceres

Happy Bubble People, Second Prize
Faculty Team Leader: Mark Cottle
Student Team Members: Anand Amin, Andrew Hrycaj, Carolyn Knabel, Hsiang-Ming Wen, Katherine Solsten, Kirsten Wynkoop, Laura Lamar, Logan Tuura, Mihir Patel, Tyler Orlansky

Untitled, Second Prize (tie)
Faculty Team Leader: Gernot Riether
Student Team Members: Alysha Buck, Emily Connor, Christina Deriso, Guo Jing, Kim Gyeong, Amyn Mukadam-Soldier, Chang Sup Lee, Inbeom Lee, Eric Morris, WenWen Zhao

Cybercorporeal, Third Prize
Faculty Team Leader: Harris Dimitropoulos
Student Team Members: Sophia Bromfield, Colleen Creighton, Dane Hawthorne, Sal Lalani, Ken Mai, Christy Seerly, Taylor Smith, Pete Zhuangchen, Tim Wheelcock

Fabbrica Illuminato, Special Honorable Mention
Faculty Team Leader: Franca Trubiano
Student Team Members: Keilah Everett, Kenneth Thompson, Joseph Vizuragga, Will Gilbert, Jiwon Huh, Erin Sherman, Eric Hawkins, John Brandes,
Jessica Betel, Howard Wang, Jennifer Lewis, Leeland McPhail

Periaktos and Architecture.High.Performance, the group led by Professor George Johnston, will re-emerge at a special performance at the Centennial Celebration April 25.