Network & IT


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ACCESSING FILES ON COA SERVERS & VPN   How to access COA files and folders on- and off-campus.
VIRTUAL COMPUTER LAB   (install vlab for Windows) | (install vlab for MAC)
Students can access software found on the college's computers from anywhere with an Internet connection.
GT ACCOUNTS OR PRISMIDS   Log in to COA computers using your GT Account.
NETWORK STORAGE OPTIONS   File storage options on COA network servers.
EMPLOYEE EMAIL   (old webmail site) 
(new Exchange 2010 webmail)
College of Architecture has its own Microsoft Exchange Mail Server for employees to access email.
ON-CAMPUS WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS - GT LAWN   GTWPA – best method for COA students, faculty, staff. Use gt login as username/password.
GTother legacy method for COA students, faculty, staff. Use WEP Key/SSID obtained from GT Lawn website.
GTVISITOR wireless access for all visitors.
SOFTWARE RESOURCES   (supported on COA machines)
(free/cheap for download)
(security solutions)
COURSE MANAGEMENT RESOURCES FOR FACULTY   Academic Faculty are provided with several resources to help with course management and archiving.
GT COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS FOR INCOMING UNDERGRADS   Georgia Tech requires all entering undergraduate students to own a notebook computer.