• For part-time jobs and internships visit Career Buzz to create an account, post their employment needs, and schedule interviews.
  • For co-ops visit the Professional Practice Division Database to post job descriptions and requirements (e.g., GPA, major, citizenship).
  • To recruit Georgia Tech  alumni visit JacketNet Jobs to post available positions with your organization or search our online alumni resume database.


  • Current students and first and second year alumni can visit Career Buzz to search for full- and part-time jobs, internships, campus interviews and information sessions, upload resumes, apply for positions, and sign up for interviews.
  • For co-ops, students can visit the Professional Practice Division Database to search for jobs for which they are qualified; view job descriptions; upload résumés, cover letters and transcripts; visit employer websites; and schedule meetings with advisors.
  • Alumni can visit JacketNet Jobs to search job listings, conduct company research, or post a confidential resume profile.


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